Feast Letterpress



the studio

We really love what we do. This studio was born out of a desire to create things with our hands and build a community around a return to forgotten processes. We are Ian and Jess, we met in Nepal, Calgary is our home. Our studio occupies the Principal’s Office in what used to be the King Edward school, given new life by cSPACE.

Ian is a photographer and letterpress printer. He has an eagle eye for registration, a beautiful way of capturing a moment on film, and a stunning memory for football (soccer people, soccer) trivia.

Jessica is a designer and letterpress printer. She has a knack for translating stories into the tangible, a love of hand drawn type, and a list of ongoing crafts that’s way too long.

When we’re not in the studio, we’re in the mountains, sun or snow.


Chandler and price 8 x 12”

Our first press, ratcheted lovingly to a Uhaul and brought back to Calgary from Indianapolis, this press is the definition of ‘human powered’. Her treadle and flywheel create a music that could lull you sleep, matched with 1 tonne of power that keeps you alert as anything. She’s a cast iron, hundred year old beauty.

Stengths: Business cards, hang tags & greeting cards.

Chandler and price galley proof press

The baby sister to our platen press, this galley press is a charmer. Built in the 1920’s and used for proofing type this press came with the original ink brayer and a snappy little cupboard full of paper.

Strengths: Workshops, type & linocut

western 4C ‘the brit’

We are very excited to bring this British beauty home. Made by Western, a British manufacturer who licensed the now infamous Vandercook presses in the UK. Our 4C, created to pull impeccably precise proofs, is a jack of all trades and we love her to bits.

Strengths: pillowy type, posters, wedding suites


Out footprint and impact on the world around us is very important to us. As often as we can we use 100% recycled, tree-free paper. Our solvents are naturally derived and our beloved C&P can be operated in a power outage.

We endeavor to create an inclusive and welcoming space and service that thrives on human connection.


We have a selection of in-house designed, hand printed cards. We are very proud to have them available for sale in the following places:

  • Our Daily Brett

  • Community Natural Foods

  • Crafted Granary Road

  • Shelf Life Books

  • Maven & Grace

  • The Next Page

  • Junction 9

If you’re a retailer looking for locally printed cards and would like to see our line-sheet, please reach out!